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Hello and welcome to all things Laura Lonsdale!

I live in Preston with my husband, and our little IVF miracle baby girl Penelope May. I guess that's where it all began for me....we went through 6 gruelling rounds of IVF to have our daughter, and through that incredibly tough time I found myself feeling really lost and alone. There's little support out there for those going through fertility issues, and it's not something that's openly talked about.

Our journey to have Penelope went on for a few years and during that time I found a support network through Instagram. I discovered a whole world of people struggling and really noticed the lack of support out there for us. After finally falling pregnant in the summer of 2019, I was made redundant in my job. Elated to finally be pregnant, I felt deflated and wanted to use my spare time to really put our struggle into something positive and creative. So I started designing cards! Initially I was just designing IVF and fertility cards, and from there the passion just grew and grew. My husband suggested I send my designs in to as we saw they were welcoming new creators. To my absolute shock, they accepted my designs straight away.

Since setting up a designer profile on Thortful, I've slowly been building up my cards portfolio, and in February 2021 I opened my very own Shopify store

I'm now designing cards for Moonpig, Funky Pigeon, Scribbler, and Boomf as well as Thortful, and my inspiration comes mainly from my own experiences and circumstances....I basically design things I love in the hope that someone else does too!

So I hope you enjoy browsing and shopping on my site. Thank you in advance for supporting a small business that's just starting out, it really does mean so much!

Why the pineapple? I get people asking me why do I have pineapples as part of my logo. Well, firstly I love pineapples, but secondly and more importantly they're a well known symbol of fertility in the IVF and infertility world! Since that's why and how my journey to setting up this little business began it seemed very apt!




Telephone: 01772 436448